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SDI (Supplier Development Initiatives) is an existing services-on-demand platform that aggregates  a wide array of  “Enabler Platforms”  like Uber. The primary objective  is to uplift Micro-Suppliers by giving them access to market (effectively allowing Micro-Suppliers to do business with large corporates).

Faced with the threat of Covid-19, the SDI team with its partners studied the pandemic in other countries and has devised a comprehensive strategy to  harness  the infrastructure and technical capacity of its Enablers to repurpose up to 50 000 micro service providers to be in a position to provide an array of services. This was the start of an initiative called SDI Force.

As an immediate call to action, we ask that you join the fight against COVID-19 and help those in need. Our current phase is the provision of food, essentials and preventative care products to our most vulnerable. Waste pickers, robot traders, the homeless, the elderly & children have no means of surviving during this time without your help.

By donating now, you can make a real difference.

The Alex 1000 is a pilot SDI project focused on promoting township economies across the country, by using technology platforms like Uber to enable trade with business nodes in close proximity to themselves.

The ultimate aim of the project is to overcome geo-socioeconomic divides that have for the longest period limited the growth both the Sandton & Alex economies.

The Alex 1000 project is a microcosm of the greater South African challenge of overcoming SMME development. Scaled up, this collaborative project can address these challenges.

We Develop Micro Black Suppliers

Supplier Development Initiatives

At SDI, we offer supplier development initiatives to corporates for procuring & investing into SMMEs that provide exceptional, international standard products & service that have been aggregated and vetted according to industry criteria. We have a series of programmes that ease the Procurement Executive’s need to procure from micro enterprises, whilst also providing Transformation Executive’s  much needed valuable BEE points.

Defining the Black Supplier

What It Takes To Qualify

Procurement processes by large corporates are both highly technical & complex processes, which results in high barriers of entry for SMMEs. We provide solutions to Procurement Officers (CPOs) that improve the ease of purchasing products & services from micro suppliers in the ordinary course of business. This then ensures the successful transformation of procurement towards “Black” businesses.
SDI SMMEs are businesses that are already trading and/or providing products & services in their various sectors to the market. However, they are limited in terms of market access towards servicing large businesses as well as limited in terms of their reach towards their communities. SDI SMMEs are sculpted into an aggregated, homogenous, national service platform that ensures that they are compliant & have high quality standards. These SMMEs are ranked & vetted according to their professionalism & experience. SDI ensures providing the highest levels of excellence in service delivery is mandatory.
SDI Enablers© play a critical role in the implementation of the SDI model. Enablers© are market participants that ensure high levels of compliance & service delivery from micro SMMEs. Enablers© provide market access & market participation opportunities for SMMEs by way of driving procurement from CPOs towards micro suppliers.

At SDI, we focus on supplier development initiatives that provide market access & market participation as the most critical step towards developing Black suppliers. Providing Black suppliers with avenues to trade their products & services with large corporates whilst growing their business, is by far the most important aspect of developing sustainable Black suppliers.

SDI Development Process

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A saviour to Uber drivers in South Africa, SiyaqUber assists owner/drivers partners with affordable finance solution and aiding corporates in getting those much needed BEE points.

Wastepreneurs 3:20

Join us in discovering the power of micro enterprises with Godfrey and his experience in exponential growth with the help of supporting corporate ESD spend.

Bayaloada 2:45

Check out Ron’s amazing logistics journey from Zero-to-Incredible with the help of a strong technology Enabler called LoadIT.

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