SDI Force Portfolio

SDI Force is a non-profit initiative, set up in response to Covid-19 by Brad Fisher and Andile Ramaphosa. The initiative, which has been funded by the private sector, initially focused on providing over 400,000 food parcels to informal workers like waste pickers, car guards and micro-traders.

With the extended lockdown and the pandemic wreaking economic havoc, it became apparent to SDI Force that many previously profitable traders – such as those on the SweepSouth platform and the Wastepreneurs – had little or no work. To address this, a further initiative was launched to repurpose these traders’ skills, and they were provided with PPE and trained to fight the virus, disinfecting public spaces like taxi ranks. These up-skilled traders are now being employed to disinfect commercial office spaces in and around Johannesburg.

SDI started the Adopt-a-Safepassage programme and have handed it over to Public Health Intervention Specialists such as epidemiologists, scientists and other qualified health specialists

By the time hard lockdown was lifted, SDI Force had gained significant practical experience in curtailing the spread of the virus. With some 14 million South Africans going back to work and school, using taxi services across the country, it soon became apparent that these routes would become the next battleground in the fight against Covid-19. SDI Force launched Adopt-a-Safe-Passage to Work/School after consulting with a range of experts.

Taxi interventions implemented:


1.Driver barrier installed to separate driver from passengers

2.Ventilation spacers on windows to ensure better airflow

3.Hand sanitiser dispenser installed on entry to taxi